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Entry #24

I Race Motorcycles Now

2016-08-27 16:11:56 by Kevin

What even is a Flash programming?2267933_147232871512_0afab6062335ebf1c6469aa707d2ee47.jpg2267933_147232871481_6f01ea599acfb177b5da8762f9769820.jpg2267933_147232871391_bd23b42401a906a4503800d050504b09.jpg


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2017-05-31 06:05:37

Looks pretty awesome man. As a hobby? Job? Locally? Internationally?

It's the first time in four years considering yer last post btw. Also NG FOREVER!


2017-05-31 06:57:16

i like how the purple aura fit your level 36 icon