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Holy shit! SIXTEEN Mothafuckin' years!

In the twilight of 2008, a young 13 year old version of myself registered an account on this site and basically ruined all hopes of ever having a girlfriend, healthy social life, and any/all future job prospects.

Well it's been over a decade-and-a-half, and as a graciously crest into my tricenarian years I can't help but reflect (grip onto for dear life, really) the past. More importantly my teenage years and early adulthood. Quick update on me first... In 71 days, I will tie the knot with a great lady; 202 days will mark the 12 year anniversary of my career path, I'm hopefully about to go into massive debt and get a million dollar house here in the coming days, and as of 5 days ago, 5,849 days since I signed up for an account here on, in my opinion, the greatest site that has been and ever will continue to be.

Things are looking up for me, really, and I cannot think about my success (*jerk off motion*) without thinking of the effect Newgrounds had on me and my work ethic. NG helped me form friendships, there are still a handful of you absolute weirdos I still keep in contact with, and I even got to meet TehSlapHappy IN PERSON FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER last year! I don't think you understand... Chris and I have collaborated on music, animations, games, have had hours and hours of conversation for 16 fucking years and not once have met in person. It was wild, like truly insane feeling and I'm going to make an effort to go out to visit you later... Maybe not this year I'm pretty swamped... This site was the nucleus for my creativity and helped with blowin' off the steam of a teenager going through puberty...

I dunno man...

To sum it up... I hold Newgrounds in a special place in my heart for what it is, even though I haven't been active on here for years and years I still think fondly of the time I spent on here; going to SDCC and bothering Tom, Luis and other staff, failing out of classes staying up late making shitty flash games, hours of stickam chat room convos with the boys, and being the center of life for approximately 4-6 years of my life.

Thank you, all.


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